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About the Car
Status Alive
VIN on File Valid
Year 1997
Number 0029 LT4
Model Firehawk Formula
Body Type 2 Door Coupe (hatchback)
GM Build Date 1997 Jun 20
Firehawk Formula Build Date 1997 Jul 25
About the Owner
Unknown Owner

Car Notes
Ebay 2006/02/03

Last "Red Head" LT4 Firehawk Produced in 1997.

This is #29 of 29 cars produced in 1997 !

27 ORIGINAL MILES ! Thats right, 27 ACTUAL MILES! This car is flawless. Not a scratch on it. It has been in storage for

No Power Windows !!!!!!

No Power Locks !!!!!

No Cruise Control !!!!!

This car is built to RUN !!!!!!

Still on MSO !!!!!!



Everything still in plastic wrap !

You will never see another LT4 like this, EVER!


The year is 1997 and GM has quite a few of the LT4 motors that were used in the 1996 Grand Sport and Collector's Edition Corvettes available. Knowing this SLP approaches GM looking to do a special edition Firehawk and SS to send out the Gen II (LT1) based f-bodies (Firebird and Camaro) with a a bang. After some negotiating GM agrees to have SLP do a limited production run of LT4 equipped Camaro SS and Firebird Firehawk cars. This run is initially set to be 100 cars of each model. The SS LT4s actually reach this production limit and exceed it by 6 cars to provide cars to six Canadian buyers. However due to the late start on the LT4 Firehawks, SLP ends up producing only 29 production models and 1 prototype car. Needless to say, the LT4 Firehawk is one of the rarest cars ever produced in the history of the f-body and if not already, will definitely be a collectible in years to come.

The general idea of the LT4 SS and Firehawk, was to take an LT4 engine, balance and blueprint it and then install it in an SS/Firehawk with every option that was available from SLP. This car would then be rated with 330HP to match the rating of the 96 LT4 Corvettes and dyno tested at SLP to verify the HP rating on each car. To address concerns regarding the car being able to handle the additional HP and Torque of the LT4 motor, these cars could only be ordered in a hardtop with the six speed manual transmission. So you will never see a factory LT4 t-top, convertible or automatic equipped car. Now on to the specifications for the 97 LT4 Firehawk:

1997 Firehawk Specifications

Base Firehawk Package:


Lightweight Composite Hood with Functional Forced Air Induction

17x9 cast aluminum painted wheels

P275/40ZR17 Firestone Firehawk tires

Firehawk Decals

Free Flow Dual Exhaust with Resonators and Twin Tips

front sway bar: 32mm

front shocks: deCarbon 46mm (stock f-body)

front springs: 360 lb/in (f-body 1LE)

rear shocks: deCarbon 36mm (stock f-body)

rear springs: 130-180 lb/in (f-body 1LE)

rear sway bar: 19mm (stock f-body)

LT4 Firehawk Package:


330HP Balanced and Blueprinted 5.7 Liter LT4 Engine

330HP Decals

Free Flow Dual Exhaust with Resonators and Twin Tips

Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifolds

17x9" Cast Aluminum Chrome Wheels

Lightweight Flywheel

High Performance Pressure Plate

Lightweight Driveshaft

High Strength Ring and Pinion Gear Set

Hurst Six Speed Short Throw Shifter

Engine Oil Cooler

Torsen Limited Slip Differential with AAM Cast Aluminum Cover

Synthetic Lubricants Package

Premium front floor mats with embroidered Firehawk logo

Level II Bilstein Suspension:

32mm Front Sway Bar

front shocks: Bilstein B46-2071 46mm (Rebound 397, Compression 130 versus standard Bilstein HD Rebound 297, Compression 159)

front springs: Eibach 300-450 lb/in (stock springs: 292 lb/in)

rear shocks: Bilstein B46-1914 46mm (same as standard Bilstein HD)

rear springs: Eibach 115-185 lb/in (stock springs: 114 lb/in)

stiffer rear lower control arm bushings

As you can see from the Level II suspension specs, SLP did made some major changes from stock to optimize the handling of the car. Many people buy standard Bilstein HD shocks and use them with aftermarket springs, but what they don't realize is that standard Bilstein HDs are designed to work best with stock spring rates. SLP increased the rebound by 25% on the front shocks to better handle the increased spring rates of the their custom Eibach springs. What is also very interesting is that by lowering the compression on the front shock versus the regular Bilstein HDs, they were also able to improve the ride over even a stock f-body's ride.

SLP Options
Chrome Wheels
17"x 9" Chrome-Plated, Five-Spoke Aluminum Wheels. SLP orignal offered chrome Speedline wheels as a option 1995, but never delivered any. SLP moved to American Racing Equipment rims in 1996 and started delivering the chrome option.
Firehawk Car Cover
Premium grade, breathable, water resistant fabric that provides the ultimate in collectible car protection. Includes cable, lock, and tote bag with silk screened Firehawk graphics.
Firehawk Floor Mats
Heavy duty, custom-fitted carpeting with aggressive nubs to hold mats firmly in place. Premium quality, heavy duty, custom fitted front floor mats are embroidered with a black and red Firehawk logo.
330HP balanced and blueprinted LT4
Free flow exhaust system with rsonators and twin tips
Stainless steel exhaust manifolds (extrude honed)
Lightweight Flywheel
High performance pressure plate
Lightweight driveshaft
Oil Cooler Package
SLP Hurst Shifter
1995 through 1997 SLP installed a optional short throw hurst shifter with a leather wrapped gear shift knob with a embedded H in the top.
Sport Suspension Package Level 3
Torsen torque sensing differential

GM Options
RPO Description
14B Dark gray cloth trim combination
14I Interior trim light gray
1SA Package option group - 1SA
2FS87 Firebird Coupe
41U Exterior color, Black
8TF Component RR LH, Computer Selected Suspension
9TF Component RR RH, Computer Selected Suspension
AAA Standard Safety Features
AH3 4-way manual driver seat
AK5 Driver and passenger side inflatable restraint system (Air bags).
AR9 Front bucket seats manual reclining (European style)
BC/CC Base coat clear coat paint
C60 Air conditioning, manual controls
D35 Mirror, Outside, LH remote control, RH direct control, painted
DL5 Decal roadside service
FE2 Touring Suspension system ride and handling
FE9 Federal emission certification
G80 Limited slip positraction rear axle
GU6 Rear axle gear ratio 3.42
J65 Power front & rear disc brake system
KG9 Generator 140 ampere
LT1 Engine gas, 8 cyl, 5.7L(5.7P), MFI, HO
MM6 Manual transmission 6-speed, borg warner, 85mm, 1st 2.66, 6th 0.50, O/D
MN6 Provisions for 6-Speed manual transmission
N60 Wheel 16" Aluminum 5-spoke Painted
NF2 Emmission System, Federal, Tier 1
QLC P245/50ZR16 performance tires
R7N Pontiac Customer Network - Sales Item #39
STE Ste. Therese, Quebec assembly plant
T78 Headlamps Control Delete
U75 Power Antenna
U8555 Paint Blend Code
UB3 Instrument cluster (Oil, Coolant temp, Voltmeter, Tach, Trip, ODO)
V73 Vehicle Certification, USA Specifications
VM3 Bumpers, standard impact 5 MPH front & rear
W53 AM-FM Stereo with Clock, Seek and Scan, Compact Disc Player, Equalizer, Four Coaxial Speakers and Theftlock
W66 Merchandised Pkg Pontiac Firebird Formula
WS9 Model Conversion Pontiac Firebird Formula

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