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About the Car
Status Fake
VIN on File Valid
Year 1999
Number Unknown
Model Firehawk Trans Am
Body Type 2 Door Coupe (hatchback)
GM Build Date Unknown
Firehawk Trans Am Build Date Unknown
About the Owner
Unknown Owner

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Car Notes
WARNING: This is not a WS6 or a Firehawk and might even be a GM BuyBack car.


Reply to:
Date: 2006-08-23, 9:10PM PDT

1999 Pontiac Trans Am Firehawk, 5.7L V8 LS1, Auto, WS6 Ram Air, & Many Options/Upgrades (I might negotiate the price a little, but I am still thinking about that, I have put alot of money in this baby)If you are interested or would like to see it give me a call Chrystal @ (916) 729-1313

Have you ever wanted to take a brand new, fully loaded TA and make it all that it can be? Without compromising reliability and drivability. Well listen up--it's already been done for you! There are lots of TAs out there, but none just like this. This gorgeous roaring beast that also has manners and is in it for the daily cruise and the long haul as well as the track. The first (only two owners) owner bought it new and drove it daily for about a year--most of the miles were put on it during that period 90% are highway miles. When I bought it I began slowly and carefully upgrading it to become the show car and performance monster it is now. Although it has not been put on a dyno, I would estimate that at least 100 horsepower has been added over stock, with acceleration performance comparable to a C5 Z06 (0-60 in the low 4 second and quarter miles times in the mid 12 second ranges). Every detail attended to. Finding the right kind of tires to achieve the necessary traction to handle the huge amount of low-end torque, achieving the perfect balance, making the ride super smooth even at triple digit speeds. Making sure the brakes can handle the extra power and torque, and putting a dual custom exhaust. Sending the ECU to MTI to be reprogrammed in order to match the engine upgrades and extract maximum performance while achieving a smooth ride. No internal engine modifications or forced induction--doesn't need them, and like I said--this one is built to last. Over $15,000 was spent in parts alone--to say nothing of the countless hours of labor. Ready for the street, the track, or the show, this truly is a well rounded and serious sports car. This one stands out in a crowd among all other TAs. So it comes to you, pristine, well-loved.....perfect. Get in and drive! The original Stock springs are installed now but I also have the springs to lower the car for racing. This vehicle runs as good as it did when it was driven off the lot. This is a once in a lifetime chance you will probably never come across another vehicle like this one again. This car really is the best all around vehicle for anything from every day driving or racing. NOS gauges and switches are all installed but the whole NOS system is incomplete and has NEVER been used.


NOS gauges and switches
Carbon Fiber Hood
Remote Keyless Entry
Remote Start
Motion Sensor Viper Alarm System
Passport laser dual stage Radar Detector (this alone has saved me from MANY speeding tickets; I will never own another car without one)
SLP Air Temperature Module
SLP Headers (longtube w/Oxygen Simulator/Y-Pipe)
Custom Dual Exhaust System
Synthetic Transmission Fluid
Synthetic Motor Oil (10W30)
Motive 3.42 Rear Axle Gears w/ Synthetic Gear Oil
19 Eagle Alloy Rims
Pirelli Super Sport 255/35Z Front Tires
Ventus Plus 275/35Z Rear Tires
Eradispeed Brake Rotors (slotted & cross-drilled)
Hawk Brake Pads
Random Technologies Torque Arm (adjustable)
SLP Strut Tower Brace
SLP Traction Control System
SLP Manual TCS Switch
SLP TCS Reversal Module
MSD Spark Plug Wires (8.8mm)
NGK Spark Plugs (TR55)
Catco Direct Fit Catalytic Converter
SLP Brake Control Solenoid (front)
Optima Heavy-Duty Battery
Profile Clarus CL1200 300w x 2 car amp
Legacy LCA 120DBL Capacitor Power Cap
Pioneer DEH-P47DH CD Player
12" Alpine Type R speakers in Custom Fit Box

1999 Trans Am Firehawk with WS6 Package

Street Legal Performance (SLP) was started by ex-drag racer Ed Hamburger in 1987 and he did a deal with GM to design and fit a performance package for the Pontiac Firebird. It was known as the SLP 'Firehawk' and it debuted in 1992. Come 1995 it was using the 315 bhp (235 kW) LT1 engine in both coupe and convertible bodies, then in 1999 a new Firehawk was released and featured the Corvette's all-aluminum LSI engine, On the SLP options owners got the choice of Bilstein Ultra Performance Suspension which could make the Firehawk achieve 0.91 lateral g on a skidpad. SLP's design cleverly incorporated heat-extracting vents in the top of the hood plus functional Ram Air intakes on the nose. The 9 x 17-inch (229 x 432mm) alloys hid 11.8-inch (300 mm) vented discs, ABS-assisted and making the car an awesome all-round sports car.
1999 Firebird
PRODUCT OVERVIEW: The Canadian-built Pontiac Trans Am offers:
sports car customers distinctive styling, features and technology. These cars are designed to appeal to those carbuyers who place a premium on performance and the driving experience.

Cruise Control Cruise control

Instrumentation Analog with tachometer,
coolant temperature,
voltmeter, oil pressure
gauge, trip odometer and
low oil level sensor
light, oil-life monitor

Low coolant level sensor

Monsoon Premium Sound
System - equalizer,240-
watt amplifier (500 watts
at peak power) and 8-
speaker system with front
door tweeters and woofers
(includes steering wheel
radio controls with
leather-wrapped steering

Leather reclining buckets
integral head restraints
and rear full folding
back seat

6-way power driver seat Brakes Front and rear disc

Performance And Induction System, Handling Package functional air scoops, specific low-restriction dual exhaust system, specific tuned suspension system (includes 3.23 axle ratio) Power Steering Rack and pinion Heavy-duty power steering cooling system, Spark Plugs Platinum tip Suspension Firm ride and handling Performance ride and handling
Chrystal 726-6846

Report Run Date: 08/06/2006
Vehicle Description: [VIN REMOVED]
TitleCheck: No Record Reported to AutoCheck
Problem Check: Record(s) Reported to AutoCheck
Odometer Check: Record(s) Reported to AutoCheck
Vehicle Information: Record(s) Reported to AutoCheck
Full History: Record(s) Reported to AutoCheck

Year: 1999
Make: Pontiac
Model: Firehawk Trans am
Style/Body: 4 Passenger 2 Dr Coupe
Engine: 5.7L V 8 LS1
Country of Assembly: Canada

Your Vehicle Checks Out! AutoCheck's database for this 1999 Pontiac Firebird Formula ([VIN REMOVED]) show no significant Title events.

Problems Checked Results Found
Abandoned No Abandoned Record Reported to AutoCheck
Damaged No Damaged Record Reported to AutoCheck
Fire Damage No Fire Damage Record Reported to AutoCheck
Grey Market No Grey Market Record Reported to AutoCheck
Hail Damage No Hail Damage Record Reported to AutoCheck
Insurance Loss No Insurance Loss Record Reported to AutoCheck
Junk No Junk Record Reported to AutoCheck
Rebuilt/Rebuildable No Rebuilt/Rebuildable Record Reported to AutoCheck
Salvage No Salvage Record Reported to AutoCheck

Problems Checked Results Found
NHTSA Crash Test Vehicle No NHTSA Crash Test Record Reported to AutoCheck
Frame Damage No Frame Damage Record Reported to AutoCheck
Major Damage Incident No Major Damage Record Reported to AutoCheck
Manufacturer Buyback/Lemon Manufacturer Buyback/Lemon Record(s) Reported to AutoCheck
Odometer Problem No Odometer Problem Record Reported to AutoCheck
Recycled No Recycled Record Reported to AutoCheck
Salvage Auction No Salvage Auction Record Reported to AutoCheck
Water Damage No Water Damage Record Reported to AutoCheck

Your Vehicle Checks Out! For this 1999 Pontiac Firebird Formula ([VIN REMOVED]) no indication of an odometer rollback or tampering was found. We calculate odometer rollbacks by using AutoCheck business rules to determine reported odometer readings are less than a previously reported value. Other odometer events can report events of tampering, or possible odometer breakage. AutoCheck's business rules have been created and refined to help identify potential rollbacks from the reported odometer readings. Not all odometer readings are used to determine rollbacks.

Report Date: 08/06/2006
Date Reported Odometer Reading
01/12/2000 186
03/14/2001 23,672
03/21/2001 23,760
04/01/2001 23,784
10/24/2002 46,500
03/29/2003 46,757
12/05/2003 64,201
12/05/2003 64,202
11/01/2005 98,100
03/09/2006 100,510
03/10/2006 100,577

Information Found! AutoCheck found additional information on this vehicle. These records will provide you with more past history for this 1999 Pontiac Firebird Formula ([VIN REMOVED]).

Problems Checked Results Found
Accident Data No Accidents Reported Through State Agencies Or Independent Sources
Corrected Title No Corrected Title Record Reported to AutoCheck
Driver Education No Driver Education Record Reported to AutoCheck
Duplicate Title No Duplicate Title Record Reported to AutoCheck
Emission/Safety Inspection Emission/Safety Inspection Record(s) Reported to AutoCheck
Fire Damage Incident No Fire Damage Incident Record Reported to AutoCheck
Lease No Lease Record Reported to AutoCheck
Lien Lien Record(s) Reported to AutoCheck
Livery Use No Livery Use Record Reported to AutoCheck
Government Use No Government Use Record Reported to AutoCheck
Police Use No Police Use Record Reported to AutoCheck
Fleet No Fleet Record Reported to AutoCheck
Fleet and/or Rental No Fleet and/or Rental Record Reported to AutoCheck
Rental No Rental Record Reported to AutoCheck
Fleet and/or Lease No Fleet and/or Lease Record Reported to AutoCheck
Repossessed No Repossessed Record Reported to AutoCheck
Storm Area Registration/Title No Storm Area Registration/Title Indicated
Taxi Use No Taxi Use Record Reported to AutoCheck
Theft No Theft Record Reported to AutoCheck

Below are the historical events for this vehicle listed in chronological order. Any discrepancies will be in bold text.

Report Run Date: 08/06/2006
VIN: [VIN REMOVED] 1999 Pontiac Firebird Formula
Event Date Event Location Odometer Reading Data Source Event Detail
01/12/2000 CA 186 Motor Vehicle Dept. ODOMETER READING FROM DMV
02/06/2000 LOS ALAMITOS, CA Motor Vehicle Dept. TITLE (Lien Reported)
03/21/2001 CA 23,760 State Agency PASSED EMISSION INSPECTION
04/01/2001 CA 23,784 Motor Vehicle Dept. ODOMETER READING FROM DMV
10/24/2002 CA 46,500 State Agency PASSED EMISSION INSPECTION
03/29/2003 CA 46,757 Motor Vehicle Dept. ODOMETER READING FROM DMV
04/25/2003 ROCKLIN, CA Motor Vehicle Dept. TITLE (Lien Reported)
12/05/2003 CA 64,201 State Agency PASSED EMISSION INSPECTION
11/01/2005 CA 98,100 Motor Vehicle Dept. ODOMETER READING FROM DMV
03/09/2006 CA 100,510 State Agency EMISSION INSPECTION
03/10/2006 CA 100,577 State Agency PASSED EMISSION INSPECTION
04/01/2006 CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA Motor Vehicle Dept.

SLP Options
No Options Found

GM Options
No Options Found

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