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About the Car
Status Fake
VIN on File Valid
Year 1995
Number Unknown
Model Firehawk Formula
Body Type 2 Door Coupe (hatchback)
GM Build Date Unknown
Firehawk Formula Build Date Unknown
About the Owner
Unknown Owner

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Car Notes
Ebay 2006.09.24

Plainfield, Illinois, United States

Up for auction is a 1995 Pontiac Firebird. This car has a long, detailed story behind it so please read further. When I graduated college in 1996, my parents bought this car for me from an insurance auction. It was a theft- recovered vehicle (stripped). The doors were missing, interior was long gone, tail lights, etc. Things that could be easily removed were missing. The car was keyed up and dinged in a few places (not much metal on these cars). It has never been in an accident or structurally compromised. The car is as solid as they come. The car was originally a V6 (VIN still decodes to it Ė helps save on insurance cost!) but that wasnít going to cut it for me. So we bought a roll over 1995 Camaro Z28 with an LT-1, automatic transmission and 3:23 posi-traction rear differential to swap into the Firebird. My uncle, who is a used car dealer, located a beautiful charcoal leather interior out of yet another Z28 for me. After studying both the Pontiac and the Chevy interior, I opted for the Chevy. So the instrument cluster was used from the Camaro that donated the drivetrain, which means that the mileage is accurate for the car at just under 80K. Nowhere inside does it say Chevy or Camaro -- nothing looks out of place. Essentially, the V6 Firebird was just turned into a Formula V8. However, that still wasnít good enough. At that time, the only way to get Ram-Air parts was through a VIN. My friend worked at a body shop and to my good fortune a Firehawk came in. He ordered me a hood and entire Ram-Air breather assembly for a Firehawk. As we assembled the car, we upgraded many things to make it run and look better. Please take a moment to review the options listed below. The car was painted with Spies Hecker (BMW factory German paint) base/clear and sanded super flat. The pictures cannot possibly due justice to the paint job. I just recently buffed out the car and detailed it. Now itís ready for sale for the next owner to enjoy. The car runs strong as an LT-1 powered Firebird should.

Factory Options:

Air conditioning, power steering, power locks, power windows, power driverís seat, power mirrors, power antenna, cruise control, tilt steering, intermittent wipers, automatic 4 speed transmission, leather interior, Bose 300 watt stereo system, keyless entry, 5.7 L TPI engine, 3:23 limited slip differential.

Additional Options:

Complete SLP Firehawk Ram-Air system (hood & intake assembly), SLP 16Ē polished aluminum 5 spoke wheels, Edelbrock headers, Flowermaster American Thunder series exhaust system, Borla stainless exhaust tips, Eibach Sportline 2Ē lowering springs, Hypertech Power Programmer & Power Stat, K&N Filtercharger, Throttle body air foil, Tayler 8mm high-temp spark plug wires, March underdrive pulleys, Gigliotti billet oil filler vent, tinted glass, car cover.

I am selling this car for my good friend. After I got engaged in 2001, he purchased the car from me since I needed the funds for many other things at the time. My friend knew the history of the car and how much attention went into the build. He purchased it from me and has taken good care of it. He did offer it back to me but I donít have the money or space available to take her back. Now weíre looking for somebody willing to take care of her for us. The real key to a car like this is that it was a father-son project. Both my dad and I knew cars when we entered into the build. We took just over a year, working every day to get her just the way we wanted her. We took our time and made sure that it was done right. We didnít build the car with selling it in mind. Honestly, we spent more money on the project car then if we had went and bought a completed used one. However, the time spent together was priceless and this car was built exactly how I wanted it. It turns a lot of heads, sounds absolutely awesome with the headers/Flowmasters and is a blast to drive.

There are a few flaws that need mentioning. One is the driverís side door panel. The Camaro panels were made to fit the Camaro doors and vice versa. So some modification was necessary for the panels to fit. Overall, they fit nicely. However, the driverís side just never quite fit as nice like the passenger side. To most people, it fit just fine. But since I built the car, I was always overly-critical of it. The back of the panel has a bow in it that I could never get to lie flat. Itís not bad but it just doesnít fit perfect. The trim piece around the interior door handle on that side looks like it could use to be replaced due to a crack. The dash cover also has a crack in it thatís not really noticeable and could easily be JB Welded from the backside if the new owner didnít care to replace it. Personally, I would just replace the part and it could be removed/replaced within 20 minutes. Inside the right rear tail light there is a vinyl mesh pattern that has started to discolor a little bit due to the sun. A common problem with the tailights on these cars. The only other flaw is on the front bumper cover. It looks like somebody might have pulled against it in the parking lot. Not enough to flake the paint but it did cause some spider webbing, which isnít noticeable except in certain light. It probably wonít bother most people but we want to be honest and present any known imperfections.

Thanks for looking and reading about this car. I believe that this car will make a very fun, reliable vehicle for somebody. The car has passed all inspections necessary for a rebuilt vehicle in the state of Illinois. There is a reasonable reserve price set on this vehicle so please only bid if you are serious. A $1000 non-refundable deposit is due within 24 hours of auction end. The remainder is due within 5 days. Assistance with transport is available at the buyers expense. Please feel free to email me with any questions Ė I will respond as quickly as possible. I have a photo album documenting the entire build of this car. Copies of the pictures will be made available to the buyer. Thanks again for looking!!!

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