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About the Car
Status Fake
VIN on File Valid
Year 1993
Number Unknown
Model Firehawk Formula
Body Type 2 Door Coupe (hatchback)
GM Build Date Unknown
Firehawk Formula Build Date Unknown
About the Owner
Unknown Owner

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Car Notes
2007.05.31 Ebay

Snyder, Texas

This was my baby but new buisness venture forces sale. It is a 1993 pontiac formula firebird with extensive modifications. The car only has 69500 miles on the body and about everything else has been replaced. The car has ran 10's in the 1/4 at slp days in ennis. Like i said it is fast with lots of mods. It has basicaly everything you would do to one. here are some of the mods i know i will forget some so please ask any quistions.


1. Pro built lt1 383 short block with forged eagle stroker crank, forged eagle stroker rods, and JE forged pistons.

2. It has some stage 2 ported lt1 heads with a custom ground lunati hydraulic roller cam, ported stock intake with edelbrock throttle body. It has 30 lbs injectors and adjustable fuel regulator. This motor was set up for boost and i was told would handle up to 24#'s of boost.

3. It has a procharger p600b supercharger with intercooler. It has a bbk fuel pump and paxton boost pump, and the procharger fuel managment system. It has a vortek msd 6 btm and a new msd optispark system just installed a couple of weeks ago. It has msd wires, blaster coil, and denso iredium plugs.

4. It has hooker super comp headers with a borla exhaust system.


5. It has a custom built art carr 4l60e with a 3000 rpm art carr torque converter they are both about 6 months old.

6. The rear end is basically stock with 373 rear gears and an auburn posi unit.

7. It has a complete poly urathane bushing kit all over installed about 6 months ago

8. It has new struts, ball joints, tie rod ends, brake pads, rotors and wheel bearings with about 1000 miles on them.


9. It was repainted completly about 8 months ago with a new front bumber cover put on it. The paint is not perfect but a real looker. It does have 1 bad part at the very tip of the nose where someone taped it in a parking lot.

10. It was restickered with firehawk stickers like it had when i bought it.

11. It has a factory glass ram air hood and a trans am big wing rear hatch. The factory firebird hatch goes with the car as well.

12. It has enkie 17 inch wheels all around the need a clean up but are real nice and this style is hard to come by since they dont make them anymore.


13. It has custom grey leather interior, a killer sterio system with a custom fiberglass box that fits in the whole in the back housing a 12'' wolfer and 100x100 amp. It has all fosgate mids and alpine highs as well as a killer alpine deck.

This car is a great driver it will get 18-20 mpg and still easy 11 second 1/4 miles

its best time was 10.84 at 116 with a 1.52 60 foot pulling 11 pounds of boost at the intake.

It is set up right now to run about 6 pounds of boost around town and the intercooler is off because it tends to drag the ground around where i live but i will give you all blower pullies and intercooler with the car.

Thats about all i remember about the car im sure more will come to me later

Any other quistions about the car please feel free to ask


2009.01.21 Ebay

Snyder, Texas

1993 Formula Firehawk

This car has years of work going into the engine and tranny. To start i have almost all reciepts to show what has been done to the car. The motor alone has a reciept for $9832.46. Then another for $2700 for a beefedup 4L60E tranny. Also $2000 for updated leather interior in the year 2002. Has custom wheels, i dont have reciept for them. The car stills needs minor touchup work, whatever the new owner sees fit for themselves. I consider this a hot rod more than a daily driver. The first dyno on motor alone showed 457 HP. I havent had it dynod since then. The new motor has only around 2K on it. It was a MTI built motor when they built LT1's. It is a 383 stroker to be exact. New paint less than two years ago, has a few flaws in it. Moslty two small runs. The sound system is removed due to me having to much money in the car, i need to salvage what i can. The exhaust is true dual borla with no cats. Anyone can come inspect prior to ending of auction. Once the auction ends there will be no rubberkickers or lowballers. No warranty and NO RESERVE on this auction. Like i said, there are a few minor things not working currently, like speedo and radio ( no speakers) i think the speedo is unplugged. All the EPA and enviromental crap is disconnected, so the service engine light stays on. This is commom on newer vehicles. Good luck bidding!!

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