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About the Car
Status Fake
VIN on File Valid
Year 1994
Number Unknown
Model Firehawk Formula
Body Type 2 Door Coupe (hatchback)
GM Build Date Unknown
Firehawk Formula Build Date Unknown
About the Owner
Unknown Owner

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Car Notes
2007.07.13 ebay

Hewitt, Texas

I know I will regret doing this but up for sale is my 94 Firebird Firehawk Clone. I bought this car off the second owner only about 2 months ago in Florida and had it shipped here to Texas. While it was in transit I was promoted at work and it will require me to relocate and not take all the cars with me. I was going to just put the car in storage but I figure that is a waste. The car needs to be enjoyed, not put away. So my loss will be the new owners gain. This car started out as a v6 firebird and has been tastefully modified both my the previous owner and myself to its current state. I wanted a reliable daily driver that would be good on gas yet still be fun to drive and easy on insurance. It looks as good if not better than an authentic firehawk. Here is the laundry list of things done and performed to it. Cosmetically: Predator ram air hood with yellow ram air decals. Firehawk decals(all vinyl and easily removable). Billy Boat exhaust tips. Formula Tail lights. Polished ws6 wheels with no curb rash and brand new Yokohama Es100's with less than 1000 miles on them. Mechanically: Moroso cold air intake, Pacesetter headers, TSP rumbler exhaust with muffler in factory location(very quiet), 3inch carsound catalytic converter, 160' thermostat( can idle all day long and runs super cool) Suspension: H&R lowering springs, Heavy duty Bisteins, WS6 sway bars, prothane bushings and endlinks, BMR adjustable panard bar and reloaction brackets. It handles almost as well as my Corvette does and is super tight like new. Maintenance: New sparkplugs and wires, coil packs, sensors, belt tensioner, fuel pressure regulator and full system flush, motor mounts, tranny fluid and fresh oil change. Car needs nothing done to it. Its very solid and doesnt burn or leak any oil or fluids. Interior: Interior is like new. New gm dash pad and Pioneer cd player with mp3 player jack. There are no smells or stains. Interior is in great shape! A/C blows ice cold. As you can see the car has alot of time and money invested in it. I know that I will be taking a loss on the car especially since I just got it here in Texas. The car is in awesome condition but as with any car this age it has a couple minor issues worth mentioning. Cosmetically the car only looks to be a couple years old however the previous owners neighbor backed into the nose and you can see some minor spiderwebbing in the picture. Its nothing major but worth mentioning. Also the rear bumper has started fading and if I keep a coat of wax on it every couple weeks it stays looking presentable. Anything longer and it starts showing its age. Otherwise the paint is in awesome shape and the car is free of any damage or dings. The windshield has two bulls-eyes but they have both been filled and are hardly noticeable. They are out of your line of vision too. Mechanically the remote keyless entry doesnt work and it has an occasional starting issue. As with most v6 camaros and firebirds it has the intermittent issue where when you turn the key to start it, it will turn over and over and not kick off. If you let off the key and then turn it again, it kicks right off. There is no check engine light or anything of that nature and from what I understand this is an inherent problem on these cars. Its not a big deal but I wanted to mention it as this is the only mechanical issue the car really has. It doesnt smoke or leak anything so I havent really worried about it. I dont want to sell this car but I will make the sacrifice for my move. I want the car to go to a good home where it will be appreciated and taken care of like it has up until this point. This would be perfect for someone wanting a reliable fuel efficient car but still have something fun to drive. It never lets me down and even though ive only had it a couple months, the only driving I have done with it has been business trips and its performed flawlessly. Its a great highway car. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. The car is also listed locally so I reserve the right to end the auction early. Also, I am aware of all the internet scams so dont waste your time with me. I dont play games so if you bid on the car you will be obligated. I will not tolerate any deadbeat bidders and have no time for such nonsense. I want the bidding to be legitimate and for those who really want the car. I just had it inspected and registered in texas so its good for a year and with the fluids all changed, it needs nothing. Just drive it. Good luck and happy bidding!

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