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About the Car
Status Alive
VIN on File Valid
Year 2000
Number 0510
Model Firehawk Trans Am
Body Type 2 Door Coupe (hatchback)
GM Build Date Unknown
Firehawk Trans Am Build Date Unknown
About the Owner
Unknown Owner

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Car Notes
2009.09.29 Ebay

Buffalo NY

You are viewing my 2000 Pontiac Trans-Am Firehawk. I purchased this vehicle new in May 2000. It has 2,231 well-documented original miles, every one put on it by me.

As we all know, GM has ended the Pontiac brand which means we will likely never see Pontiacs again. The Pontiac Firehawk is a storied vehicle in the recent Pontiac chapters in the history of American muscle cars. Much too much has been written about these cars (and their Camaro “SS” sister vehicles) to mention here, so I would urge you to search the web for all there is to know about these outstanding cars. For those of you who know the history of these cars without searching, well…enough said.

For background, there were approximately 4,500 regular production Trans Am’s and Formulas turned into Firehawks from 1992 through the 2002 model year production run. Upgraded by famed performance company SLP Engineering in Michigan, the 4th generation Trans Ams were turned into some of the coolest looking, meanest sounding, fastest, “handles like its on rails”, most affordable muscle cars ever made. For model year 2000, there were 741 Firehawks made, this rare Bird is vehicle Number 510 as certified by the SLP “birth certificate”, and this is 1 of 74 Trans Am-based Firehawks finished in Bright Red with a manual transmission, T-Top roof, and leather seating surfaces.

This Firehawk has the Corvette-inspired LS-1, 5.7L (346 cubic inch) sequentially fuel-injected, all aluminum V8 engine, boasting a very strong (and some think under-rated) 335 horsepower rating, delivering 345 foot pounds of torque through a Borg Warner T-56 six-speed manual transmission with optional Hurst shifter, and 3.42:1 optional Auburn rear differential. It can (but I have never done it – I was fine to take as the truth what GM, SLP, Motor Trend, and others proved on test tracks with identical cars) do about 165 MPH, and go from a standing start to 60 MPH in 4.9 seconds.

Standard modifications, that by the way added almost $4,000 to the original MSRP, made by SLP to turn the well-equipped Trans Am (refer to picture of original invoice for standard and optional equipment ordered on this Trans Am) into this Firehawk were:

· Firehawk exclusive, composite hood with functional air scoops, hood-mounted heat extractors, and underhood forced-air induction system

· Firehawk front fascia badge

· “Cat-Back”, Stainless Steel, Performance Exhaust System with twin dual tips

· Upgraded suspension components

· 17"x9" lightweight aluminum painted wheels

· Firestone “Firehawk” 275/40ZR17 SZ50 17 tires

· Firehawk exterior graphics on doors and rear fascia

· Dash plaque and two Firehawk key fobs

Ah, but I didn’t stop until I was through making an ultimate Firehawk and added, for another $3,000, ALL the available Firehawk options SLP had for Trans Ams in 2000 (Bright Red, six-speed manual Trans Am conversion totals - again 74 total cars - from SLP for each option is noted in Bold below):

· Auburn, High Torque, Performance Differential (with an American Axle cast aluminum cooling cover): This limited-slip gear set is a stunning combination of leading edge Auburn Gear and American Axle Manufacturing technology that enhances traction and helps reduce differential operating temperatures under certain driving conditions. (1 out of 64 cars)

· Bilstein Ultra Performance Suspension System: This option offered handling that, according to Car and Driver magazine, " smarter, not harder...We're hard pressed to think of a car that rides better on 17-inch tires..." Motor Trend magazine added this assessment, "Handling? How about .91g on the skidpad?..." (1 out of 31 cars)

· 17"x 9" Chrome-Plated, Five-Spoke Aluminum Wheels: SLP offered an improved chrome-plated wheel for 2000 model year (replaced the painted wheels in the base SLP package) that included a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty coverage on finish. (1 out of 25 cars)

· Premium front floor mats with embroidered Firehawk logo: Heavy duty, custom fitted carpeting with aggressive nubs to hold mats firmly in place. Please note the mats have NOT been used and remain in their original packaging. (1 out of 60 cars)

· Custom car cover with silk-screened Firehawk graphics: Premium grade, breathable, water-resistant fabric. Provides protection from the elements, this cover has cable, lock, tote bag with silk-screened Firehawk graphics. Also, please note the car cover has NOT been used and remains in its original packaging. (1 out of 36 cars)

· Castrol "Syntec" High Performance Lubricants Package: Castrol "Syntec" full synthetic engine oil package was designed to provide superior protection and performance, and included Castrol's 500,000-mile "Maximum Protection" limited engine warranty program. The original oil has been changed of course but always replaced with a synthetic, high performance brand name product. (1 out of 29 cars)

So, here this rare Bird is - almost still brand new in every respect, always adult driven, garage-kept and not smoked in, and never EVER raced - a one owner collector car ready for a new home. This Firehawk has never been driven in rain or snow and has never been modified in any way from its as-purchased condition. The interior is perfect and look closely at the pictures and you’ll see that the original airbag warning tag still hangs on the instrument panel, and the plastic protective sticker still covers the 500-watt “Monsoon” radio faceplate. The original Z-rated Firestone Firehawk performance tires are perfect, the chrome wheels are perfect, and the finish is showroom fresh. The 2,231 actual miles (as of date of this auction) is well documented, consisting of several annual New York State vehicle emission inspection and other documents that I have retained. I also have retained the leather-bound owner's manual and related original purchase documents.

I know things are tough, but this is almost a new car. Nevertheless, I believe I have established a reasonable reserve (I wont reveal it, so please don’t ask) all things considered. Please note it is for sale locally, is also listed on other selling venues, therefore it is subject to being sold before the auction ends. Questions will be answered in person during an inspection or by email only. Most importantly, please note that this vehicle is sold "as-is" “where-is” with no express or implied warranty or guarantees. If you require it, please make all pre-purchase inspections (at the expense of the bidder) before committing to purchase the car. Inspections can be done at my storage facility in Buffalo NY by appointment only in advance of the auction ending.

SLP Options
Auburn, High Torque, Performance Differential w/AAM cast aluminum cooling cover
Combination of leading edge Auburn Gear and American Axle Manufacturing technology enhances traction and helps reduce differential operating temperatures under certain driving conditions. System detects variance in the gripping force of each rear tire and redistributes the engine load as road conditions change, thereby enhancing vehicle performance and stability.
Castrol "Syntec" High Performance Lubricants Package
Castrol "Syntec" full synthetic engine oil provides superior protection and performance. Castrol "Syntec protects in ways other cars can't." The Castrol "Syntec" lubricants package includes Castrol's 500,000-mile "Maximum Protection" limited engine warranty program.
Chrome Wheels
17"x 9" Chrome-Plated, Five-Spoke Aluminum Wheels. SLP orignal offered chrome Speedline wheels as a option 1995, but never delivered any. SLP moved to American Racing Equipment rims in 1996 and started delivering the chrome option.
Firehawk Car Cover
Premium grade, breathable, water resistant fabric that provides the ultimate in collectible car protection. Includes cable, lock, and tote bag with silk screened Firehawk graphics.
Firehawk Floor Mats
Heavy duty, custom-fitted carpeting with aggressive nubs to hold mats firmly in place. Premium quality, heavy duty, custom fitted front floor mats are embroidered with a black and red Firehawk logo.
Sport Suspension Package Level 2 (Bilstein)
Bilstein Shock Absorbers (all years)
Progressive Rate Springs
1LE track bar, 1LE Transmission Mount (1994-1995)

GM Options
RPO Description
192 Black leather trim combination
19I Black Interior Trim
81U Exterior color, Bright Red
BBS Knob Shifter Hurst
LS1 Engine gas, 8 cyl, 5.7L, SFI aluminum engine
NW9 Traction Control Electronic

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