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Firehawks by Option: 18U (62 cars listed)
Exterior color - Arctic White
Status Year Build # Model VIN Owner Location
Alive 1992 0025 Firehawk Formula Valid Michael J. Wempe, M.D. Colorado Springs, CO
Alive 1994 0025 Firehawk Formula Valid Jeff Parrott Warren, MI
Alive 1994 0140 Firehawk Formula Valid Paul Stephenson Houston, TX
Alive 1994 0142 Firehawk Formula Valid Bill Ness Eagle River, AK
Alive 1994 0155 Firehawk Formula Valid Monroe Mirsky Tyler, TX
Alive 1995 C007 Firehawk Formula Mapleleaf Valid Jim Zaleschuk Calgary, Alberta
Alive 1995 C012 Firehawk Formula Mapleleaf Valid Bill Tapper Mississauga, Ontario
Alive 1995 0033 Firehawk Formula Valid Brandon Serle New Smyrna Beach, FL
Alive 1995 0193 Firehawk Formula Valid Lucas Gebhart Fort Rucker, AL
Alive 1995 0212 Firehawk Formula Valid Jose Chavez Annapolis, MD
Alive 1995 0259 Firehawk Formula Valid Brian J. France Indianapolis, IN
Alive 1995 0320 Firehawk Formula Valid Lowell A Elliott Weeping Water, NE
Alive 1995 0393 Firehawk Formula Valid Shayne Hayden Lawton, OK
Alive 1995 0456 Firehawk Formula Valid Jeff Bradley Boise, ID
Totaled 1995 0618 Firehawk Formula Valid Chad Harbo Marysville, WA
Alive 1995 0639 Firehawk Formula Valid Daniel Price Grants Pass, OR
Alive 1997 0026 Firehawk Formula Valid Mike Bub Waterford, NY
Alive 1997 0082 Firehawk Formula Valid Stan G. Pierson Montrose, CO
Alive 1999 C019 Firehawk Trans Am Mapleleaf Valid Curtis Lloyd Edmonton, Alberta
Alive 1999 C093 Firehawk Trans Am Mapleleaf Valid Dan & Debbie Corcoran Elginburg, Ontario
Alive 1999 0420 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Michael Bernardi Watertown, CT
Alive 1999 0508 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Rick Burkhardt Reno, NV
Alive 1999 0560 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Richard Sutterfield Fort Smith, AR
Alive 2000 0018 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Deanne Wagner Keller, TX
Alive 2000 0354 Firehawk Formula Valid Shawn Chittum Pearland, TX
Alive 2000 0373 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 2000 0392 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Nathan Meyer Ames, OK
Alive 2000 0421 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Chad Kettering Germantown, MD
Alive 2000 0461 Firehawk Trans Am Valid William J. Simms Jr. Smethport, PA
Alive 2001 0065 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Michael Cupples Dothan, AL
Alive 2001 0092 Firehawk Formula Valid Paul Ganske Oelwein, IA
Alive 2001 0127 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Brian C. Neimann Jeffersonville, IN
Alive 2001 0173 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Logan Lacy Lamar, AR
Alive 2001 0257 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Brian L Lower Indiana, PA
Alive 2001 0295 Firehawk Formula Valid J. Andrew Marusich Leesburg, VA
Alive 2001 0402 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Bruce Stephani Black Creek, WI
Alive 2001 0489 Firehawk Formula Valid Andy Doherty, Jr. Germantown, MD
Alive 2001 0492 Firehawk Formula Valid Don Walker Gresham, OR
Alive 2002 0037 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Vince Grillo Windsor, Ontario
Alive 2002 0314 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Buck Stanford Andover, MN
Alive 2002 0317 Firehawk Formula Valid Chris McGaha Odessa, TX
Alive 2002 0356 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Tom Layton Tampa, FL
Alive 2002 0460 Firehawk Trans Am Valid John Wiemann Albuquerque, NM
Alive 2002 0512 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Terry Glass Festus, MO
Alive 2002 0607 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Michael Dobson Fox lake, IL
Alive 2002 0618 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Chris & Marian Aspnes Aurora, CO
Salvage 2002 0771 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Brandon Jones Los Angeles, CA
Alive 2002 0803 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Josh Phillis Caldwell, OH
Alive 2002 0829 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Dave Marcotte Lafayette, IN
Alive 2002 0852 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ron Lutz Skippack, PA
Alive 2002 0885 Firehawk Trans Am Valid John S Osbourne Cambridge, MN
Alive 2002 0943 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Martin Payne Towson, MD
Alive 2002 0952 Firehawk Formula Valid David Cottles Bainbridge, GA
Alive 2002 1001 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Regina Salter Jeffersonville, OH
Alive 2002 1018 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Robert Pitre Cypress, TX
Alive 2002 1125 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 2002 1257 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Kenny Dudley Houston, TX
Alive 2002 1277 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Annette Robart North Branch, MI
Alive 2002 1282 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Brian Henry Waco, TX
Alive 2002 1340 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Bennie Stevens Fort Worth, TX
Alive 2002 1355 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Larry Motte La Porte, TX
Alive 2002 1378 Firehawk Trans Am Valid T. J. Scandozza Colorado Springs, CO

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