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Firehawks by Option: U8774 (105 cars listed)
Paint Blend Code
Status Year Build # Model VIN Owner Location
Alive 1992 0020 Firehawk Formula Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 1993 0003 Firehawk Formula Valid Paul Ganske Oelwein, IA
Alive 1993 0011 Firehawk Formula Valid Dustin Meloche Oviedo, FL
Alive 1993 0015 Firehawk Formula Valid Sven Volk Schorndorf,
Alive 1993 0018 Firehawk Formula Valid James Montigny Raymore, MO
Alive 1993 0051 Firehawk Formula Valid Tim Culver Morley, MI
Totaled 1993 0060 Firehawk Formula Valid Michael Tesoriero Yonkers, NY
Alive 1993 0089 Firehawk Formula Valid John Hilgert Massillon, OH
Alive 1993 0096 Firehawk Formula Valid Eric Daniels Parker, CO
Totaled 1993 0102 Firehawk Formula Valid Dr. Gene A. Lease Dayton, OH
Alive 1993 0153 Firehawk Formula Valid Terrence McGuirk Parker, PA
Alive 1993 0167 Firehawk Formula Valid David Cordice Whitefield, ME
Alive 1993 0188 Firehawk Formula Valid George Patton Shohola, PA
Alive 1994 0038 Firehawk Formula Valid Dan Chandler Madison Heights, MI
Alive 1994 0043 Firehawk Formula Valid Chaya Tinterow Houston, TX
Alive 1994 0062 Firehawk Formula Valid Mark Shadle Waldorf, MD
Alive 1994 0077 Firehawk Formula Valid Mike Minton Houston, TX
Alive 1994 0081 Firehawk Formula Valid Bruce Wallace Fernley, NV
Alive 1994 0117 Firehawk Formula Valid Bill Llewellyn San Antonio, TX
Alive 1994 0121 Firehawk Formula Valid Sean Dembeck Philadelphia, PA
Alive 1994 0149 Firehawk Formula Valid Wayne Thomas Jr. Masontown, PA
Alive 1994 0236 Firehawk Formula Valid Steve Kruger Marshall, MN
Alive 1994 0256 Firehawk Formula Valid Don Dietrich Jr. Robesonia, PA
Alive 1994 0261 Firehawk Formula Valid Thurston Auto Sales St. Johnsbury, VT
Alive 1994 0284 Firehawk Formula Valid Sam Chontos Raleigh, NC
Alive 1994 0329 Firehawk Formula Valid Carl Kubler Buckeye, AZ
Alive 1994 0344 Firehawk Formula Valid Gary Sellers Boubonnais, IL
Alive 1994 0403 Firehawk Formula Valid Ian Nemeth Danforth, IL
Totaled 1994 0410 Firehawk Formula Valid Rob Allen Marrero, LA
Alive 1994 0414 Firehawk Formula Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 1994 0433 Firehawk Formula Valid Carlos Jaquez El Paso, TX
Alive 1994 0453 Firehawk Formula Valid Donn Mowry Sedona, AZ
Alive 1994 0470 Firehawk Formula Valid Stephen Keefer Worland, WY
Alive 1994 0486 - Red Firehawk Formula Valid Mike Brienza Wykoff, NJ
Alive 1995 C002 Firehawk Formula Mapleleaf Valid Hlynur B. Sigmundsson Vestmannaeyjar, VE
Alive 1995 0078 Firehawk Formula Valid Jacob Chambers Stillwater, OK
Alive 1995 0089 Firehawk Formula Valid Richard Klein Wilmington, OH
Alive 1995 0147 Firehawk Formula Valid Greg Racca Oak Ridge, NC
Alive 1995 0170 Firehawk Formula Valid Robert D. Davis Amarillo, TX
Alive 1995 0173 Firehawk Formula Valid Shawn Duncan Hartselle, AL
Alive 1995 0221 Firehawk Formula Valid Steve Myers Lodi, WI
Alive 1995 0274 Firehawk Formula Valid Scott Ramer Henderson, NV
Alive 1995 0318 Firehawk Formula Valid Robert Ira Curry Salida, CO
Alive 1995 0403 Firehawk Formula Valid Shannon M. Winter Fort Wayne, IN
Alive 1995 0526 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Wayne Sutter Pembroke Pines, FL
Alive 1995 0531 Firehawk Formula Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 1996 0009 Firehawk Formula Valid Bob Schroeder Grosse Pte. Farms, MI
Alive 1997 0016 LT4 Firehawk Formula Valid Roger Bynum Delta, CO
Alive 1997 0088 Firehawk Formula Valid Mary Lou Carey Fallon, NV
Alive 1998 1998 Pilot #? Firehawk Trans Am Pilot Valid Freddie Mccoy Louisa, KY
Alive 1999 0031 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Dennis Lentz Grand Prairie, TX
Alive 1999 C048 Firehawk Trans Am Mapleleaf Valid Kevin Drew Edmonton, Alberta
Alive 1999 0089 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 1999 0157 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Todd Barattini Picayune, MS
Alive 1999 0267 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Lori Hutchison Newark, OH
Alive 1999 0268 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Daniel Peavy Dothan, AL
Alive 1999 0375 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Kelly Rolfe Great Falls, MT
Alive 1999 0391 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Judy Wolff Millsap, TX
Alive 1999 0428 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jamie Morgan Rockford, IL
Alive 1999 0532 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Tom & Vickie Odom Mobile, AL
Alive 1999 0611 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Cristobal B. Chavez Santa Ana, CA
Alive 2000 0008 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jim Smith Balsam Lake, WI
Alive 2000 0020 Firehawk Trans Am Valid David Bink Surprise, AZ
Alive 2000 0041 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Bryan Berretta Bartlett, TN
Alive 2000 0071 Firehawk Trans Am Valid William Echols Campton Hills, IL
Alive 2000 0128 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Nich Rowan, MI
Alive 2000 0204 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Dustin Kemp Gilmer, TX
Alive 2000 0399 Firehawk Formula Valid Adam Wilson Elkview, WV
Alive 2000 0535 Firehawk Formula Valid Steve Milton Johnstown, CO
Alive 2000 0550 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Joe Sannutti Baxley, GA
Alive 2000 0569 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Daniel Farber Decatur, IN
Alive 2000 0578 Firehawk Formula Valid Carl Rose Sugar Land, TX
Alive 2001 C004 Firehawk Trans Am Mapleleaf Valid Larry Bell Abbotsford, BC
Alive 2001 0061 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Wayne Moras Chatham, IL
Alive 2001 0069 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Marco Polito Warren, MI
Alive 2001 0117 Firehawk Formula Valid Robert Folchi Tucson, AZ
Alive 2001 0123 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Rusty Robinson Chambersburg, PA
Alive 2001 0130 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jeff Baesa Martinez, CA
Alive 2001 0452 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Joe Lilly LaPorte, IN
Alive 2001 0460 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Kennedy Mundy Fort Washington, MD
Alive 2001 0503 Firehawk Trans Am Valid John Seiberlich Chisago City, MN
Alive 2002 0020 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Matt Toppin Las Vegas, NV
Alive 2002 0025 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Darrell Anderson Shawnee, KS
Alive 2002 C030 Firehawk Trans Am Mapleleaf Valid Ainslie Thorne St John's, NL
Alive 2002 0035 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Brian David Robey Middletown, RI
Alive 2002 C053 Firehawk Trans Am Mapleleaf Valid Hanspeter Boller Burg AG, CH
Alive 2002 0165 Firehawk Formula Valid Gabriel Chavez Rio Rancho, NM
Alive 2002 0196 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jeremy Clark Casa Grande, AZ
Alive 2002 0268 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Philip Randazzo Coconut Creek, FL
Alive 2002 0379 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jeanne Massengale Boynton Beach, FL
Alive 2002 0430 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Michael E. Welsh New Carlisle, OH
Alive 2002 0483 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Allen & Judy Herder Loveland, CO
Alive 2002 0613 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Scott Monahan Garfield Hts, OH
Alive 2002 0673 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Frankie Micile Des Moines, IA
Alive 2002 0689 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Michael Gershon New York City, NY
Alive 2002 0696 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Robert Kruck Okolona, AR
Alive 2002 0757 Firehawk Formula Valid Doug Polk Indianapolis, IN
Alive 2002 0872 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Robert J Fryzel Roscommon, MI
Alive 2002 0949 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Rolando Sotolongo Burnsville, MN
Alive 2002 1057 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Michael Baum Lebanon, MO
Alive 2002 1105 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Thomas McCrea Hurlock, MD
Alive 2002 1216 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Joe Ziomek Bear, DE
Alive 2002 1285 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Robert D. Wynn Navarre, FL
Alive 2002 1297 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 2002 1330 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Robin Mansfield San Angelo, TX

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