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Firehawks by Option: W59 (72 cars listed)
Entertainment System Option 1
Status Year Build # Model VIN Owner Location
Alive 1993 0011 Firehawk Formula Valid Dustin Meloche Oviedo, FL
Alive 1993 0038 Firehawk Formula Valid Anthony Matthews Slidell, LA
Alive 1993 0084 Firehawk Formula Valid Jason & Kelli Shepherd Westville, IL
Alive 1993 0124 Firehawk Formula Valid Mel Swiger Greenville, OH
Alive 1994 0004 Firehawk Formula Valid Jesus Bustamante Jr Haltom city, TX
Alive 1994 0009 Firehawk Formula Valid David M. McCord Cedar Rapids, IA
Alive 1994 0016 Firehawk Formula Valid Gregg Smith Marion, IA
Alive 1994 0044 Firehawk Formula Valid Ronald Rankin Cape Coral, FL
Alive 1994 0045 Firehawk Formula Valid Divesh Bhojwani Eastford, CT
Alive 1994 0067 Firehawk Formula Valid Juan B Polk Philadelphia, PA
Alive 1994 0147 Firehawk Formula Valid Abby Workman Kokomo, IN
Alive 1994 0170 Firehawk Formula Valid Colton Bedford Burleson, TX
Alive 1994 0176 Firehawk Formula Valid Kenneth Gornic Denton, MD
Alive 1994 0234 Firehawk Formula Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 1994 0293 Firehawk Formula Valid Kenneth Petty Summit, MS
Alive 1994 0342 Firehawk Formula Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 1994 0433 Firehawk Formula Valid Carlos Jaquez El Paso, TX
Alive 1994 0470 Firehawk Formula Valid Stephen Keefer Worland, WY
Fake 1994 Fake Car Firehawk Trans Am Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 1995 0060 Firehawk Formula Valid James West Belton, TX
Alive 1995 0078 Firehawk Formula Valid Jacob Chambers Stillwater, OK
Alive 1995 0105 Firehawk Formula Valid Keith Lincoln North Pole, AK
Alive 1995 0132 Firehawk Formula Valid Karen Forsty El Cerrito, CA
Totaled 1995 0133 Firehawk Formula Valid Shawn Pennington Flatrock, MI
Alive 1995 0366 Firehawk Formula Valid Kevin J. Rego Coventry, RI
Alive 1995 0368 Firehawk Formula Valid Bill Bernheim Homer, NY
Salvage 1995 0398 Firehawk Formula Valid Terry Magnolia, TX
Alive 1995 0456 Firehawk Formula Valid Jeff Bradley Boise, ID
Alive 1995 0478 Firehawk Formula Valid Nathan Paulson Loretto, NE
Alive 1995 0479 Firehawk Formula Valid Lee Griffith Mendon, MI
Alive 1995 0570 Firehawk Formula Valid Matthew Syp Allentown, PA
Alive 1995 0596 Firehawk Formula Valid Unknown Owner
Salvage 1996 0035 Firehawk Formula Valid D.J. Sarver Dublin, VA
Alive 1997 0017 Firehawk Formula Valid Bernard Rudaz Mayens de Sion, Valais
Alive 1997 0026 Firehawk Formula Valid Mike Bub Waterford, NY
Alive 1997 0035 Firehawk Formula Valid Rhonda Corpus Herron, MI
Alive 1997 0057 Firehawk Formula Valid Marc Webster Las Vegas, NV
Alive 1997 0060 Firehawk Formula Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 1997 0076 Firehawk Formula Valid Kennie & Neal Ethridge, TN
Alive 1997 0104 Firehawk Formula Valid Dean Dempsey Lake Alfred, FL
Alive 1997 0119 Firehawk Formula Valid Mary Collings Stafford, VA
Alive 1999 0139 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Mike Townsend White Pigeon, MI
Alive 1999 0267 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Lori Hutchison Newark, OH
Alive 1999 0269 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Garry Glendown Bad Hersfeld, GE
Alive 1999 0290 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Klint Hemmelgarn Saint Henry, OH
Alive 1999 0342 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Mark Williams Orange Park, FL
Alive 1999 0439 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Daniel Manchanda St. Louis, MO
Alive 1999 0517 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Brian A. DeGross Cleveland, OH
Alive 1999 0578 Firehawk Formula Valid Peter R. Mele Cleveland Hts, OH
Alive 1999 0623 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Kevin McNamara Dorr, MI
Alive 2000 0002 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Vic & Ellen Nye Harmony, PA
Alive 2000 0031 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Chris & Rachel Perkins Baileyton, AL
Alive 2000 0150 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Crystal Martin Wichita Falls, TX
Alive 2000 0183 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Al Carrizales Elizabethtown, KY
Alive 2000 0278 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Homer R Johnson Tracy, CA
Alive 2000 0545 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Joe H. Northern VA, VA
Alive 2000 0638 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Bill & Lori Stewart Olathe, KS
Alive 2000 0651 Firehawk Trans Am Valid John Carr Harbor Springs, MI
Alive 2001 C012 10th #C04 Firehawk Trans Am Mapleleaf Valid Brad McKay Abbotsford, BC
Alive 2001 0369 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Wes Russell Henderson, CO
Alive 2002 C022 Firehawk Trans Am Mapleleaf Valid Paul Moulton Sarnia, Ontario
Alive 2002 0163 Firehawk Trans Am Valid George Bagley Leslie, GA
Alive 2002 0259 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Philip Becker St Louis, MO
Alive 2002 0337 Firehawk Trans Am Valid John Perkins Riverbank, CA
Alive 2002 0450 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Allan & Louise Gartzman Scottsdale, AZ
Alive 2002 0881 Firehawk Trans Am Valid George Coffey Amarillo, TX
Alive 2002 0944 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Christopher K. Jones Farnham, VA
Alive 2002 0991 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Stan Farlow West Jefferson, OH
Alive 2002 1175 Firehawk Trans Am Valid David Tanner Camden, NC
Alive 2002 1206 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Barry Brown Overland, MO
Alive 2002 1277 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Annette Robart North Branch, MI
Alive 2002 1411 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jayse Schwan Bismarck, ND

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