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Firehawks by Option: 523 (46 cars listed)
Trim Combination - Leather, Light Neutral
Status Year Build # Model VIN Owner Location
Alive 1997 0101 Firehawk Formula Valid Eric Fisher Milesburg, PA
Alive 1997 0113 Firehawk Formula Valid Darin Armbrister Ellis, KS
Alive 1998 P001 Firehawk Trans Am Pilot Valid Al Grabo Sarasota, FL
Alive 1999 C029 Firehawk Trans Am Mapleleaf Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 1999 0031 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Dennis Lentz Grand Prairie, TX
Alive 1999 0159 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Gene Spaziani Blytheville, AR
Alive 1999 0182 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Scott Jones Muskegon, MI
Alive 1999 0192 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 1999 0199 Firehawk Trans Am Valid John Stivaly Lake Mary, FL
Alive 1999 0233 Firehawk Formula Valid Mike Pelletier Citrus Heights, CA
Alive 1999 0265 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Robert Mansfield Kansas City, MO
Alive 1999 0582 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jeremy Derengowski Columbus, MI
Alive 1999 0593 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Chris Kessler, PA
Alive 2000 0048 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 2000 0081 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Unknown Owner
Totaled 2000 0082 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Berry Brown Springfield, MO
Alive 2000 0096 Firehawk Formula Valid Kevin Brinker Waterford, MI
Alive 2000 0097 Firehawk Formula Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 2000 0153 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 2000 0181 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ron Miller Eagan, MN
Alive 2000 0275 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 2000 0291 Firehawk Formula Valid Jeremy Hudson Laurens, SC
Alive 2000 0336 Firehawk Formula Valid Edward Ball Londonderry, NH
Alive 2000 0405 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Chris and Rachel Cross Camden, AR
Alive 2000 0430 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Crystal Fischer Luce New Braunfels, TX
Alive 2000 0457 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Paxton McHan Ackerman, MS
Alive 2000 0509 Firehawk Formula Valid Chad E. Ward New Orleans, LA
Alive 2000 0542 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Randy & Rods and Restorations Bellwood, NE
Alive 2000 0564 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Michelle Montgomery Oklahoma City, OK
Alive 2000 0617 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 2000 0669 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 2000 0689 Firehawk Formula Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 2000 0691 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Brian Fate Gretna, NE
Alive 2000 0696 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Frank & Heidi Martin Gastonia, NC
Alive 2000 0697 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Bob Tebo, Jr. Manassas, VA
Alive 2001 0092 Firehawk Formula Valid Paul Ganske Oelwein, IA
Alive 2001 0266 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Tracey Robinson Denton, TX
Alive 2001 0425 10th #095 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Patrick Morrell Farmingville, NY
Alive 2001 0467 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Adam Earle Houston, TX
Alive 2002 C008 Firehawk Formula Mapleleaf Valid Thomas Edwards Torbay, NL
Alive 2002 0026 Firehawk Formula Valid Michael Dix Madera, CA
Alive 2002 0252 Firehawk Formula Valid Phillip McCammon Austin, TX
Alive 2002 0469 Firehawk Formula Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 2002 0690 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 2002 1246 Firehawk Formula Valid Mike McBroom Unknown City,
Alive 2002 1272 Firehawk Formula Valid Lance Hackney Vineland, NJ

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