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Firehawks by US State: MN (42 cars listed)
Status Year Build # Model VIN Owner Location
Alive 1996 0021 Firehawk Formula Valid Russell Jones East Bethel, MN
Alive 2002 0031 Firehawk Formula Valid Charles J Cook Jr Pipestone, MN
Alive 2001 0040 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Charles J Cook Jr Pipestone, MN
Alive 2000 0138 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Tom Dokken Red Wing, MN
Alive 2002 0141 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Larry Kazmierczak Mendota Heights, MN
Alive 1999 0142 Firehawk Trans Am Valid James Ewendt St. Clair, MN
Alive 2001 0160 Firehawk Formula Valid Aaron Schiller Hastings, MN
Alive 1995 0169 Firehawk Formula Valid Michael V. Pikula Jr. Baxter, MN
Alive 2000 0181 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ron Miller Eagan, MN
Alive 2000 0188 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Anthony Morris Maple Grove, MN
Alive 1995 0197 Firehawk Formula Valid Steve and Sherry Williams Willmar, MN
Alive 1999 0205 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Bruce Schiller Hastings, MN
Alive 1999 0207 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ryan Tiaden Blaine, MN
Alive 2001 0229 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Rory Johnson Braham, MN
Alive 1995 0234 Firehawk Formula Valid Theresa Clark Ham Lake, MN
Alive 1994 0236 Firehawk Formula Valid Steve Kruger Marshall, MN
Alive 1999 0308 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Dave Solheid Belle Plaine, MN
Alive 2002 0314 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Buck Stanford Andover, MN
Alive 2001 0327 10th:#061 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Kevin Kriz St Paul, MN
Alive 2002 0347 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Marty Goltz Fergus Falls, MN
Alive 1999 0398 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Dewey Miller Stillwater, MN
Alive 1995 0399 Firehawk Formula Valid Nathan Pitt Willmar, MN
Alive 1999 0433 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Richard Meyers Minneapolis, MN
Alive 1994 0452 Firehawk Formula Valid Gene Brenegan Hayward, MN
Alive 1995 0486 Firehawk Formula Valid Troy Olien Waseca, MN
Alive 2001 0493 10th:#120 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Todd Newlin Coon Rapids, MN
Alive 2001 0503 Firehawk Trans Am Valid John Seiberlich Chisago City, MN
Alive 1999 0515 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Matthew McCoy Sauk Centre, MN
Alive 1995 0517 Firehawk Formula Valid Ron Thompson Esko, MN
Alive 1995 0536 Firehawk Formula Valid Robert Wehrman Virginia, MN
Alive 2000 0558 Firehawk Formula Valid Robert W. Beuc Savage, MN
Alive 2002 0565 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Forrest Lovley Jordan, MN
Alive 2000 0573 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Abby & Chuck Bradford Mantorville, MN
Alive 2002 0773 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Richard Meyers Minneapolis, MN
Alive 2002 0778 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Christopher Schueneman Breezy Point, MN
Alive 2002 0885 Firehawk Trans Am Valid John S Osbourne Cambridge, MN
Alive 2002 0889 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Buy Rite Motors Fairmont, MN
Alive 2002 0932 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Laurrence R Thompson Goldenvalley, MN
Alive 2002 0949 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Rolando Sotolongo Burnsville, MN
Alive 2002 1035 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Kyle Anderson Albertville, MN
Alive 2002 1098 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Buy Rite Motors Fairmont, MN
Alive 2002 1329 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jake North Branch, MN

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