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Firehawks by US State: MO (60 cars listed)
Status Year Build # Model VIN Owner Location
Alive 1993 0018 Firehawk Formula Valid James Montigny Raymore, MO
Alive 1993 0053 Firehawk Formula Valid Paul Clark Kansas City, MO
Alive 1994 0165 Firehawk Formula Valid Brian Taylor St. Louis, MO
Alive 1994 0244 Firehawk Formula Valid M Lewis Kansas City, MO
Alive 1994 0245 Firehawk Formula Valid Matt Bracich Webb City, MO
Alive 1994 0309 Firehawk Formula Valid Jeremy Martens Rolla, MO
Alive 1994 0330 Firehawk Formula Valid Matt Bracich Webb City, MO
Alive 1995 0095 Firehawk Formula Valid William J.Scholl St. Louis, MO
Alive 1995 0306 Firehawk Formula Valid Scott Velten St. Louis, MO
Alive 1995 0466 Firehawk Formula Valid Jeremiah Robertson Saint Louis, MO
Alive 1995 0473 Firehawk Formula Valid Jerry Ingebrigtsen Randolph, MO
Alive 1995 0519 Firehawk Formula Valid Dale Schlitt Washington, MO
Alive 1995 0659 Firehawk Formula Valid Nick Tuha St. Louis, MO
Alive 1995 0662 Firehawk Formula Valid Kevin Hamilton Plato, MO
Alive 1996 0037 Firehawk Formula Valid Matt Bracich Webb City, MO
Alive 1997 0018 Firehawk Formula Valid Stephan & Angela Capkovic Pittsburg, MO
Alive 1997 0041 Firehawk Formula Valid Jim Spalding Kirksville, MO
Alive 1999 0085 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Larry king Independence, MO
Alive 1999 0191 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jeffry Englert St. Peters, MO
Alive 1999 0226 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Michael G. Deters Affton, MO
Alive 1999 0265 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Robert Mansfield Kansas City, MO
Alive 1999 0286 Firehawk Formula Valid Wes Godar O’Fallon, MO
Alive 1999 0324 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Gary and Karla Buneta Hazelwood, MO
Alive 1999 0439 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Daniel Manchanda St. Louis, MO
Alive 1999 0526 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Kevin JR Southeast, MO
Alive 1999 0607 Firehawk Formula Valid Luke Stephens Columbia, MO
Alive 2000 0066 Firehawk Formula Valid Jeremy Heizer Festus, MO
Totaled 2000 0082 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Berry Brown Springfield, MO
Alive 2000 0223 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Joey Myers Camdenton, MO
Alive 2000 0352 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Chris M Weeks Forsyth, MO
Alive 2000 0426 Firehawk Trans Am Valid James Adair Kansas City, MO
Alive 2000 0486 Firehawk Formula Valid Chris Haynes Aurora, MO
Alive 2000 0506 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Chris Stauffer & Luke Stauffer Saint louis, MO
Alive 2000 0601 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Eric Jung Festus, MO
Alive 2000 0643 Firehawk Formula Valid Jeff Fulford St. Louis, MO
Alive 2000 0660 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Robert Bierer Florissant, MO
Alive 2000 0693 Firehawk Trans Am Valid G L Tucker Joplin, MO
Alive 2001 0011 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Greg Coyne Columbia, MO
Alive 2001 0143 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Brandon Morris Cassville, MO
Alive 2001 0188 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Joseph Kraus Fort Leonard Wood, MO
Alive 2001 0390 10th:#080 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Daniel Miller Paris, MO
Alive 2001 0443 10th:#105 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Kim Trail St Joseph, MO
Alive 2001 0476 10th:#112 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Laura Pearce Grain Valley, MO
Alive 2002 0043 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jeannine Nelson Lee's Summit, MO
Alive 2002 0102 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Rob Hartmann St Louis, MO
Alive 2002 0259 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Philip Becker St Louis, MO
Alive 2002 0512 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Terry Glass Festus, MO
Alive 2002 0515 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jeremy Hatfield Lee's Summit, MO
Alive 2002 0612 Firehawk Formula Valid David Poole Wentzville, MO
Alive 2002 0616 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Marlene Edwards Smithville, MO
Alive 2002 0706 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Mark Hucker St. Peters, MO
Alive 2002 0744 Firehawk Formula Valid Steve Blazic O'Fallon, MO
Alive 2002 0770 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Paul Hagen Fenton, MO
Alive 2002 0783 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Paul Twenter Lebanon, MO
Alive 2002 1006 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Michael Leach Monett, MO
Alive 2002 1057 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Michael Baum Lebanon, MO
Salvage 2002 1107 Firehawk Trans Am Valid William Snider Calhoun, MO
Alive 2002 1165 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Tommy Knott O Fallon, MO
Alive 2002 1206 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Barry Brown Overland, MO
Alive 2002 1348 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ryan Claborn Joplin, MO

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