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Firehawks by US State: VA (45 cars listed)
Status Year Build # Model VIN Owner Location
Alive 1997 0021 Firehawk Formula Valid David P. White Yorktown, VA
Alive 1992 0022 Firehawk Formula Valid Lou DiCola Chesapeake, VA
Alive 1999 0041 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Matt Waldron Tazewell, VA
Alive 1996 0048 Firehawk Formula Valid Jeremy Kroeger Virginia Beach, VA
Alive 2002 0063 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Troy Whitlow Montpelier, VA
Alive 1994 0065 Firehawk Formula Valid Corey Huffman Harrisonburg, VA
Alive 1997 0068 Firehawk Formula Valid Wayne Neal Rice, VA
Alive 1995 0102 Firehawk Formula Valid Dan Maxam Fredericksburg, VA
Alive 2000 0109 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jeff Weller Fairfax, VA
Alive 1993 0116 Firehawk Formula Valid Richard Saylor Wise, VA
Alive 1997 0119 Firehawk Formula Valid Mary Collings Stafford, VA
Alive 1994 0131 Firehawk Formula Valid Sam Dixon Fredericksburg, VA
Alive 2001 0135 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Richard Nance Salem, VA
Alive 2002 0149 Firehawk Formula Valid Dan Gray Christiansburg, VA
Alive 2002 0172 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Zachary Isbell Leesburg, VA
Alive 1994 0177 Firehawk Formula Valid James Shupe Norfolk, VA
Alive 1999 0237 Firehawk Formula Valid J. Andrew Marusich Leesburg, VA
Alive 2001 0295 Firehawk Formula Valid J. Andrew Marusich Leesburg, VA
Alive 1994 0315 Firehawk Formula Valid Dave Farrow Lynchburg, VA
Alive 2001 0335 Firehawk Formula Valid Dusty Wheeler Locust Grove, VA
Alive 1999 0349 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Joe Uydess Moseley, VA
Alive 2002 0355 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Phillip Cottone Powhatan, VA
Alive 2001 0357 Firehawk Formula Valid Mack Brown Sterling, VA
Alive 2002 0375 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Joseph Tato Hampton, VA
Alive 2001 0377 Firehawk Trans Am Invalid Thomas Allan Kirby New Castle, VA
Alive 2001 0382 10th:#075 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Justin LaClair Moneta, VA
Alive 1999 0463 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Mike Roberts Mechanicsville, VA
Alive 1995 0488 Firehawk Formula Valid Travis Kerns Chesapeake, VA
Alive 1999 0495 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Brian Tower Disputanta, VA
Alive 2001 0498 10th:#122 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Richard C Eagan Gainesville, VA
Alive 2000 0537 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Chuck Padgett Mechanicsville, VA
Alive 1995 0543 Firehawk Formula Valid John Hansley Colonial Beach, VA
Alive 2000 0545 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Joe H. Northern VA, VA
Alive 1995 0600 Firehawk Formula Valid Holiday Chevrolet Cadillac Inc Williamsburg, VA
Alive 1995 0648 Firehawk Formula Valid Donald P Hollingshead Manassas, VA
Alive 1995 0656 Firehawk Formula Valid Jon & Megan McDonough Arlington, VA
Alive 2002 0666 Firehawk Trans Am Valid David & Sheryl Bryant Fredericksburg, VA
Alive 2002 0688 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ken Morris Fishersville, VA
Alive 2000 0697 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Bob Tebo, Jr. Manassas, VA
Alive 2002 0774 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Kendall Mcalister Shenandoah, VA
Alive 2002 0865 Firehawk Trans Am Valid David Markell Manassas, VA
Alive 2002 0944 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Christopher K. Jones Farnham, VA
Alive 2002 1047 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Keith Filzen Manssas, VA
Alive 2002 1075 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Nathan Haywood Norfolk, VA
Alive 2002 1438 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Tim M Wolgamot Altavista, VA

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