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Firehawks by Option: 143 (57 cars listed)
Very Dark Gray, Leather
Status Year Build # Model VIN Owner Location
Alive 1994 0177 Firehawk Formula Valid James Shupe Norfolk, VA
Alive 1997 0016 LT4 Firehawk Formula Valid Roger Bynum Delta, CO
Alive 1997 0018 LT4 Firehawk Formula Valid Daemon Liegey Snellville, GA
Alive 1997 0020 LT4 Firehawk Formula Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 1997 0022 LT4 Firehawk Formula Valid Charles L. Dick Kissimmee, FL
Alive 1997 0097 Firehawk Formula Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 1997 0105 Firehawk Formula Valid Ed Miller Macomb, MI
Alive 1997 0106 Firehawk Formula Valid Taylor San Diego, CA
Alive 1997 0118 Firehawk Formula Valid Timothy Emory Connersville, IN
Alive 1998 1998 Firehawk Pilot #?? Firehawk Trans Am Pilot Valid Neal Zurbriggen Dallas, TX
Alive 1998 1998 Pilot #? Firehawk Trans Am Pilot Valid Scott Frye Tulsa, OK
Alive 1998 Pilot Car Firehawk Trans Am Pilot Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 1998 Unknown Firehawk Trans Am Pilot Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 1999 C001 Firehawk Formula Mapleleaf Valid Jeff Bourcier Val d'Or, Quebec
Alive 1999 0009 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Clint Lacey, WA
Alive 1999 0025 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Laura & Lonnie Kerley Fairfield, CA
Alive 1999 0040 Firehawk Formula Valid Deidre Prout Denver, CO
Alive 1999 C040 Firehawk Formula Mapleleaf Valid Dave Turland Winnipeg, Manitoba
Alive 1999 0045 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ulf Holmqvist Uppsala, CA
Alive 1999 0089 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 1999 0106 Firehawk Formula Valid Lee & Karen Erfer Newtown Square, PA
Alive 1999 0140 Firehawk Formula Valid Terry hinders Omaha, NE
Alive 1999 0146 Firehawk Formula Valid Matthew J. Gallo Austintown, OH
Alive 1999 0165 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Richard Casella DeLand, FL
Alive 1999 0167 Firehawk Formula Valid Richard Fletcher Thousand Oaks, CA
Alive 1999 0205 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Bruce Schiller Hastings, MN
Alive 1999 0226 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Michael G. Deters Affton, MO
Alive 1999 0228 Firehawk Formula Valid David Ernst East Greenbush, NY
Alive 1999 0238 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Anthony Stanfill Coulterville, IL
Alive 1999 0247 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Greg Breault East Providence, RI
Alive 1999 0249 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Bryan S Batavia, OH
Alive 1999 0251 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 1999 0255 Firehawk Trans Am Valid David R. St.Pierre North Dartmouth, MA
Alive 1999 0261 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Janet Jacobson Lynnwood, WA
Alive 1999 0305 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Leon Weis Hoxie, KS
Alive 1999 0309 Firehawk Formula Valid G. Eric Foehr New Milford, CT
Alive 1999 0310 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 1999 0319 Firehawk Formula Valid Josh Bush Dayton, OH
Alive 1999 0350 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ed Abbott Columbus, OH
Alive 1999 0354 Firehawk Formula Valid Todd Kreyenhagen Atascadero, CA
Alive 1999 0358 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Tom DeBole Ronkonkoma, NY
Alive 1999 0359 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Cale Hotton Rochester Hills, MI
Alive 1999 0377 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 1999 0392 Firehawk Formula Valid Allen Elliot Berrien Springs, MI
Alive 1999 0394 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Dexter Deeds Manhattan, KS
Alive 1999 0396 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Bill Haun Clarksville, TN
Alive 1999 0406 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Joshua Hughes Baton Rouge, LA
Alive 1999 0503 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 1999 0532 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Tom & Vickie Odom Mobile, AL
Alive 1999 0533 Firehawk Formula Valid Jim & Joyce Hoerling Centralia, WA
Alive 1999 0534 Firehawk Formula Valid Christy DeMarco Keller, TX
Alive 1999 0552 Firehawk Formula Valid David Miers Oconomowoc, WI
Alive 1999 0569 Firehawk Formula Valid Timothy Semrow Warner Robins, GA
Alive 1999 0594 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Tim Bennett Marina, CA
Alive 1999 0599 Firehawk Formula Valid Randy C. & Alice Smith Amarillo, TX
Alive 1999 0607 Firehawk Formula Valid Luke Stephens Columbia, MO
Alive 1999 0618 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Unknown Owner

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