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Firehawks by US State: GA (57 cars listed)
Status Year Build # Model VIN Owner Location
Alive 1993 0054 Firehawk Formula Valid Mal Swaim Cumming, GA
Alive 1993 0094 Firehawk Formula Valid Samuel Bryant Douglasville, GA
Alive 1993 0118 Firehawk Formula Valid Matthew Hatten Loganville, GA
Alive 1993 0135 Firehawk Formula Valid John Eugene Cox Monroe, GA
Alive 1993 0147 Firehawk Formula Valid Maria Alexander Atlanta, GA
Alive 1993 0195 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ilario Cordano Cumming, GA
Alive 1994 0061 Firehawk Formula Valid Dustin Neville Augusta, GA
Alive 1994 0384 Firehawk Formula Valid Brandon Wall Evans, GA
Alive 1994 0393 Firehawk Formula Valid Eric Urmanski Buford, GA
Alive 1995 0037 Firehawk Formula Valid RJ Stanelle Roswell, GA
Alive 1995 0054 Firehawk Formula Valid Clifford L. Graham Jr. Brunswick, GA
Alive 1995 0055 Firehawk Formula Valid Rick Prettyman Marietta, GA
Alive 1995 0162 Firehawk Formula Valid Tim Tomlinson Canton, GA
Alive 1995 0331 Firehawk Formula Valid Phillip Jolin Kathleen, GA
Alive 1995 0396 Firehawk Formula Valid Kenneth Faircloth Bainbridge, GA
Alive 1995 0605 Firehawk Formula Valid Arthur B Petry Newnan, GA
Alive 1995 0614 Firehawk Formula Valid Mack Brown Rex, GA
Alive 1995 0640 Firehawk Formula Valid Kevin Knapik Pooler, GA
Alive 1995 0642 Firehawk Formula Valid John Bartz Brunswick, GA
Alive 1997 0075 Firehawk Formula Valid Amber Young McDonough, GA
Alive 1997 0078 Firehawk Formula Valid Alvin Smith Donalsonville, GA
Alive 1997 0139 LT4 #??? Firehawk Formula Valid Daemon Liegey Snellville, GA
Alive 1999 0022 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Anthony J Bremer Lawrenceville, GA
Alive 1999 0082 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Steve Gore Cumming, GA
Alive 1999 0164 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Bryce Yehl Atlanta, GA
Alive 1999 0418 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Allen Bondurant Warner Robins, GA
Alive 1999 0557 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Michael Balke Richmond Hill, GA
Alive 1999 0569 Firehawk Formula Valid Timothy Semrow Warner Robins, GA
Alive 2000 0111 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jeff & Angie Banks Marietta, GA
Alive 2000 0400 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Justin Goad Saint Marys, GA
Alive 2000 0497 Firehawk Trans Am Valid K. F. MacNeill Hiawassee, GA
Alive 2000 0550 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Joe Sannutti Baxley, GA
Alive 2000 0668 Firehawk Formula Valid John Mccutcheon Clermont, GA
Alive 2001 0084 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Chris Friday Macon, GA
Alive 2001 0087 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Christopher Ogles Douglasville, GA
Alive 2001 0129 Firehawk Trans Am Valid MJ Dorsey Hampton, GA
Alive 2001 0165 10th:#003 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jason DeCorte Atlanta, GA
Alive 2001 0182 Firehawk Trans Am Valid William Hiester Bloomingdale, GA
Alive 2001 0197 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ana M. Westlake Warner Robins, GA
Alive 2001 0231 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Daniel Miller Temple, GA
Alive 2001 0246 10th:#030 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jonathan Zappacosta Augusta, GA
Alive 2001 0268 Firehawk Formula Valid Ryan Burleson Alamo, GA
Alive 2002 0053 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Terry Kaminsky Atlanta, GA
Alive 2002 0083 Firehawk Formula Valid Russell Hatfield Athens, GA
Alive 2002 0160 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Rusty Shackleford Leesburg, GA
Alive 2002 0163 Firehawk Trans Am Valid George Bagley Leslie, GA
Alive 2002 0298 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Allan Clark Duluth, GA
Alive 2002 0300 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Charles Hunter Smyrna, GA
Alive 2002 0352 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Tim Robinson Lagrange, GA
Alive 2002 0464 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ronn Frink Warner Robins, GA
Alive 2002 0707 Firehawk Trans Am Valid John Sheahan Marietta, GA
Totaled 2002 0942 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Wayne Cato LaGrange, GA
Alive 2002 0952 Firehawk Formula Valid David Cottles Bainbridge, GA
Alive 2002 0957 Firehawk Formula Valid Jay Mason Sylvester, GA
Alive 2002 0962 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Frank Purdy Silver Creek, GA
Alive 2002 1134 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Anthony J Bremer Lawrenceville, GA
Alive 2002 1428 Firehawk Trans Am Valid John Lancaster Bowdon, GA

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