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Firehawks by US State: MI (111 cars listed)
Status Year Build # Model VIN Owner Location
Alive 1996 0009 Firehawk Formula Valid Bob Schroeder Grosse Pte. Farms, MI
Alive 1999 0010 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Shawn Coffeen Lapeer, MI
Alive 1995 0010 Firehawk Formula Valid Joseph Valenti Brighton, MI
Alive 1993 0014 Firehawk Formula Valid Jake Clark Manchester, MI
Alive 1997 0014 Firehawk Formula Valid Ryan Pearson Newaygo, MI
Alive 2000 0017 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Mike Barrett Brighton, MI
Alive 1994 0025 Firehawk Formula Valid Jeff Parrott Warren, MI
Alive 1995 0026 Firehawk Formula Valid Ken Griesbeck Sterling Heights, MI
Alive 1999 C031 Firehawk Formula Mapleleaf Valid Denise & Ken Johnson Harrison Township, MI
Alive 1995 0031 Firehawk Formula Valid Aaron Fulsome Coldwater, MI
Alive 1996 0032 Firehawk Formula Valid Michael Spencer , MI
Alive 1997 0035 Firehawk Formula Valid Rhonda Corpus Herron, MI
Totaled 2000 0037 Firehawk Formula Valid Duane Doll White Lake, MI
Alive 2002 0044 Firehawk Formula Valid Robert Shork Wayne, MI
Alive 2002 0046 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jim & Michele Berke Grand Rapids, MI
Alive 1993 0051 Firehawk Formula Valid Tim Culver Morley, MI
Alive 2001 0069 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Marco Polito Warren, MI
Alive 1994 0072 Firehawk Formula Valid Martin Stowe Traverse City, MI
Alive 1997 0084 Firehawk Formula Valid Charlie Johnson Grand Ledge, MI
Alive 2001 0085 Firehawk Formula Valid Mike Keen Wyoming, MI
Alive 2000 0096 Firehawk Formula Valid Kevin Brinker Waterford, MI
Alive 1997 0105 Firehawk Formula Valid Ed Miller Macomb, MI
Alive 1997 0111 Firehawk Formula Valid Paul Johnson Greenville, MI
Salvage 1997 0115 Firehawk Formula Valid David Kampf Jackson, MI
Alive 2001 0119 Firehawk Formula Valid Rick Bouwma Dorr, MI
Alive 1999 0124 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Michael Maynard Wyandotte, MI
Alive 2002 0126 Firehawk Trans Am Valid David & Suzanne Harvey Mason, MI
Alive 2000 0128 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Nich Rowan, MI
Totaled 1995 0133 Firehawk Formula Valid Shawn Pennington Flatrock, MI
Alive 1999 0139 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Mike Townsend White Pigeon, MI
Alive 1994 0141 Firehawk Formula Valid Walid Mackoul Lansing, MI
Alive 1999 0143 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Edward Ferguson Flint, MI
Alive 2002 0151 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Larry Seabolt Jr. Shelby Township, MI
Alive 1994 0152 Firehawk Formula Valid Chris Jezewski Plymouth, MI
Alive 1995 0156 Firehawk Formula Valid John Jowski Goodrich, MI
Alive 2001 0158 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Franklin J. Ellias Novi, MI
Alive 2001 0178 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Quality Pontiac Waterford, MI
Alive 2001 0181 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Bonnie Vandervennet Livonia, MI
Alive 1999 0182 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Scott Jones Muskegon, MI
Alive 2001 0184 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Harley Rider Dexter, MI
Alive 1994 0192 Firehawk Formula Valid Don Ashbaugh Mattawan, MI
Alive 2002 0208 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Christopher R. Koziara Metro-Detroit, MI
Alive 1995 0223 Firehawk Formula Valid Everett DeFouw Hudsonville, MI
Alive 1995 0237 Firehawk Formula Valid Jon Ulrich Battle Creek, MI
Alive 1995 0244 Firehawk Formula Valid Dan Zundel Westland, MI
Alive 1995 0245 Firehawk Formula Valid Robert G Gaydo Horton, MI
Alive 2000 0249 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Alex DeKamp Jackson, MI
Alive 1995 0269 Firehawk Formula Valid Brian Bowen Midland, MI
Alive 2000 0294 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Paul T Flickinger Lansing, MI
Alive 2001 0305 Firehawk Formula Valid Roger Class Sterling Height, MI
Alive 2000 0318 Firehawk Formula Valid Jason Schaffer Royal Oak, MI
Alive 2002 0322 Firehawk Formula Valid Bernie LaLonde Linwood, MI
Alive 1999 0323 Firehawk Trans Am Valid David Glinsky Portage, MI
Alive 1995 0324 Firehawk Formula Valid Jon & Cindy Rice Kentwood, MI
Alive 2001 0333 10th:#064 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Gabriel Ghiurau Dearborn Heights, MI
Alive 2001 0338 Firehawk Formula Valid Gary McGuire Chelsea, MI
Alive 2001 0347 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Kevin S. Reffitt Rapid City, MI
Alive 2001 0356 10th:#069 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Gene Kumeisha Farmington Hills, MI
Alive 1999 0359 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Cale Hotton Rochester Hills, MI
Alive 1994 0361 Firehawk Formula Valid Mark Zimmerman Rockford, MI
Alive 1994 0370 Firehawk Formula Valid Mike Pifer Dearborn, MI
Alive 1995 0371 Firehawk Formula Valid Jeff Case Canton, MI
Alive 2002 0374 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Robert E. Harrell Brighton, MI
Alive 1999 0384 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Phil Kosarek Shelby Township, MI
Alive 1994 0397 Firehawk Formula Invalid Gains McDonald Monroe, MI
Alive 2000 0407 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Burr Sibbald Alanson, MI
Alive 2001 0407 10th:#085 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Robert Miller Ortonville, MI
Alive 1994 0420 Firehawk Formula Valid John R. Johnson Eaton Rapids, MI
Alive 2002 0423 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Joseph Johnston Ypsilanti, MI
Alive 2002 0426 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jeremy Hawkins Leslie, MI
Alive 2000 0428 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Rick Sliwoski Portage, MI
Alive 1999 0437 Firehawk Formula Valid Robert G Gaydo Horton, MI
Alive 2000 0445 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Steven Roth Plymouth, MI
Alive 1995 0471 Firehawk Formula Valid Brian Watson Niles, MI
Alive 2002 0477 Firehawk Trans Am Valid John R. Hubard Harbor Springs, MI
Alive 1995 0479 Firehawk Formula Valid Lee Griffith Mendon, MI
Alive 2000 0481 Firehawk Formula Valid Peter Romanchuk Sterling Heights, MI
Alive 1999 0484 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Brad Tamm Sterling Heights, MI
Alive 1999 0496 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Mark Yuschak Goodrich, MI
Alive 2000 0513 Firehawk Formula Valid Randy Rupp Lincoln Park, MI
Alive 1999 0519 Firehawk Formula Valid Gregory Harnick Mt. Pleasant, MI
Alive 2000 0522 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Kevin Mckian Traverse City, MI
Alive 1999 0582 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jeremy Derengowski Columbus, MI
Alive 1999 0592 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Michael Snook Britton, MI
Alive 1999 0623 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Bob Jenema Grant, MI
Alive 2000 0655 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ron Archibald Dearborn, MI
Alive 2000 0683 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Paul Burns Traverse City, MI
Alive 2002 0693 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Tina M. Tucker Hillsdale, MI
Alive 2000 0700 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Daniel Paul Loeffler Central Lake, MI
Alive 2002 0729 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Mike Kutchey Macomb, MI
Alive 2002 0733 Firehawk Formula Valid Leo Arft Bloomfield Hills, MI
Alive 2002 0735 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Nick Tacolla Livonia, MI
Alive 2002 0738 Firehawk Formula Valid Joshua Krajewski Farmington Hills, MI
Alive 2002 0769 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Cafe herriman Davison, MI
Alive 2002 0780 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Lorne Links Monroe, MI
Alive 2002 0805 Firehawk Formula Valid Chad Christensen Waterford, MI
Alive 2002 0847 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Chris Cooper Escanaba, MI
Alive 2002 0861 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Amy Garabedian & Nick Brown Center Line, MI
Alive 2002 0872 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Robert J Fryzel Roscommon, MI
Alive 2002 0904 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Donald & Mary Powell Port Huron, MI
Alive 2002 1036 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Terry Schut Grant, MI
Alive 2002 1090 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Gregory Maddux Temperance, MI
Alive 2002 1101 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Chris Beck Commerce Township, MI
Alive 2002 1127 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jim Snivley Coldwater, MI
Alive 2002 1137 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Timothy Garrett Clarkston, MI
Alive 2002 1146 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Susan Taylor Middleville, MI
Alive 2002 1264 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Daniel A. Davis Zeeland, MI
Alive 2002 1277 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Annette Robart North Branch, MI
Alive 2002 1318 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Tim Farrell Kalamazoo, MI
Alive 2002 1320 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Dan Fox Grand Rapids, MI
Alive 2002 1412 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Jeffrey Armbruster Washington Twp, MI

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