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Firehawks by US State: OH (83 cars listed)
Status Year Build # Model VIN Owner Location
Alive 1992 0011 Firehawk Formula Valid Joe Durk Eastlake, OH
Alive 1993 0006 Firehawk Formula Valid Dan & Laurraine Taraban Granville, OH
Alive 1993 0057 Firehawk Formula Valid Tom & Margie Bramlett Waynesville, OH
Alive 1993 0089 Firehawk Formula Valid John Hilgert Massillon, OH
Totaled 1993 0102 Firehawk Formula Valid Dr. Gene A. Lease Dayton, OH
Alive 1993 0124 Firehawk Formula Valid Mel Swiger Greenville, OH
Alive 1994 0001 Firehawk Formula Valid D.J. Harbaugh Canton, OH
Alive 1994 0087 Firehawk Formula Valid Russell Keith Danville, OH
Alive 1994 0100 Firehawk Formula Valid Jim Reeves Waynesville, OH
Alive 1994 0143 Firehawk Formula Valid Donald Kalister Mentor, OH
Alive 1994 0204 Firehawk Formula Valid Walter Wolfe Columbus, OH
Alive 1994 0211 Firehawk Formula Valid Ronny Baughman Marysville, OH
Alive 1994 0251 Firehawk Formula Valid Chris Lego Stow, OH
Alive 1994 0327 Firehawk Formula Valid Chad Chesrown Mt. Vernon, OH
Alive 1994 0472 Firehawk Formula Valid Joe Bowman Hebron, OH
Alive 1995 0029 Firehawk Formula Valid Kelvin L. Koch Monroe, OH
Alive 1995 0065 Firehawk Formula Valid Joel Smith Norwalk, OH
Totaled 1995 0088 Firehawk Formula Valid Daniel J. Wade Canton, OH
Alive 1995 0089 Firehawk Formula Valid Richard Klein Wilmington, OH
Alive 1995 0134 Firehawk Formula Valid Tim Malmsbury Germantown, OH
Alive 1995 0213 Firehawk Formula Valid Kevin Fairchild Canal Winchester, OH
Alive 1995 0256 Firehawk Formula Valid Brian H. Seltzer Gibsonburg, OH
Alive 1995 0282 Firehawk Formula Valid Todd Shainoff Richmond Hts, OH
Alive 1995 0285 Firehawk Formula Valid Dellarciprete Barberton, OH
Alive 1995 0314 Firehawk Formula Valid Jim Purtan Brunswick, OH
Alive 1995 0326 Firehawk Formula Valid Bob Fowler Canfield, OH
Alive 1995 0423 Firehawk Formula Valid Greg Hacker West Chester, OH
Alive 1995 0442 Firehawk Formula Valid Robert Hinkle Medina, OH
Alive 1995 0443 Firehawk Formula Valid David Creneti Broadview heights, OH
Alive 1995 0450 Firehawk Formula Valid Sean Madigan Hilliard, OH
Alive 1995 0521 Firehawk Formula Valid Richard Daily Toledo, OH
Alive 1996 0050 Firehawk Formula Valid John H. McLafferty Helena, OH
Alive 1996 0069 Firehawk Formula Valid Mike Cooper Cambrridge, OH
Alive 1997 0107 Firehawk Formula Valid Thomas Folk Weston, OH
Alive 1999 0007 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Gary & Missy Bremer Toledo, OH
Salvage 1999 0093 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Logan Cary Lakeview, OH
Alive 1999 0112 Firehawk Formula Valid Kevin Harrison Cincinnati, OH
Alive 1999 0115 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Scott Baughman Springboro, OH
Alive 1999 0146 Firehawk Formula Valid Matthew J. Gallo Austintown, OH
Alive 1999 0249 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Bryan S Batavia, OH
Alive 1999 0267 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Lori Hutchison Newark, OH
Alive 1999 0270 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Terence Prell Dayton, OH
Alive 1999 0290 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Klint Hemmelgarn Saint Henry, OH
Alive 1999 0319 Firehawk Formula Valid Eric Lemr Mentor, OH
Alive 1999 0346 Firehawk Trans Am Valid B Thaler Springboro, OH
Alive 1999 0381 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Greg Grove Cincinnati, OH
Alive 1999 0481 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Joerg Thinnes Cincinnati, OH
Alive 1999 0517 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Brian A. DeGross Cleveland, OH
Alive 1999 0578 Firehawk Formula Valid Peter R. Mele Cleveland Hts, OH
Alive 2000 0054 Firehawk Formula Valid Doug Tuttle Trenton, OH
Alive 2000 0177 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Randy Ritterbeck Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Alive 2000 0241 Firehawk Trans Am Valid M. G. Bahas Pickerington, OH
Alive 2000 0394 Firehawk Trans Am Valid D. Harris Worthington, OH
Alive 2000 0439 Firehawk Formula Valid Kevin Harrison Cincinnati, OH
Alive 2000 0489 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ronald Rhoades Youngstown, OH
Alive 2000 0507 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ray Hendricks Columbus, OH
Alive 2000 0612 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Rick Francis Celina, OH
Alive 2000 0626 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Gary E. Hammer II Tiffin, OH
Alive 2000 0665 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Douglas Pelsor Tipp City, OH
Alive 2001 0056 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Christopher Bauman Lima, OH
Alive 2001 0271 10th:#039 Firehawk Trans Am Valid April Miller-Smith Portsmouth, OH
Alive 2001 0312 10th:#055 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Dave Billups Sidney, OH
Alive 2001 0433 10th:#100 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Nicholas Draganic Cleveland, OH
Alive 2002 0101 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Robert Schoonover Amanda, OH
Alive 2002 0118 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Leonard & Charmaine Kirby Dayton, OH
Salvage 2002 0190 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Justin Flinner Gallipolis, OH
Alive 2002 0241 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ed Beaulieu Lebanon, OH
Alive 2002 0430 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Michael E. Welsh New Carlisle, OH
Alive 2002 0507 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Peter Trihas North Ridgeville, OH
Alive 2002 0530 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ira Deel Whitehouse, OH
Alive 2002 0588 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Michael Neshkin Mentor, OH
Alive 2002 0613 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Scott Monahan Garfield Hts, OH
Alive 2002 0803 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Josh Phillis Caldwell, OH
Alive 2002 0879 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Ron Denman Toledo, OH
Alive 2002 0898 Firehawk Formula Valid Greg Morgan Lima, OH
Alive 2002 0900 Firehawk Formula Valid Scott Valentine Cleveland, OH
Alive 2002 0909 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Norwood Earl Worley Jr. Warren, OH
Alive 2002 0991 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Stan Farlow West Jefferson, OH
Alive 2002 1001 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Regina Salter Jeffersonville, OH
Alive 2002 1026 Firehawk Trans Am Valid Robert Wilson S. Zanesville, OH
Alive 2002 1100 Firehawk Trans Am Valid David Fuad Cincinnati, OH
Alive 2009 #0029 SE #009 Firehawk Supercharged G8 GXP Valid Michael Marsico Amherst, OH
Alive 2009 0005 Firehawk Supercharged G8 GT Valid Michael Marsico Amherst, OH

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